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Spring and Axon with Josh Long
May 25, 2023
Spring and Axon's relationship began in 2010 when Josh Long interviewed Allard Buijze about Axon Framework through InfoQ. Josh and Sara spoke about the beginnings of this relationship, how it has evolved over the years, and the evolution of various architectural patterns in this episode.
Sara spoke with Spring developer advocate Josh long. Josh talked about his days pre-Spring and why he decided to join the team at Spring.io. He also talked about the reasons why he has stayed with the team and what excites him about the community. Sara asked Josh how he learned about Axon, what that relationship has been, and why he and Allard Buijze wrote the Spring Autoconfiguration for Axon Framework. They then discussed Domain-Driven Architecture, CQRS, Event-Driven Architecture, and how these patterns can help developers. 

Josh Long will be our keynote speaker at our September 28th, 2023, conference in Amsterdam. We hope to see you all there. 


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