Exploring Axon
To Framework or Not to Framework?
September 1, 2022
Should you use Axon Framework for building CQRS and DDD applications, or should you build your own? Christian Vermorken and Sara explored the benefits of using a framework and the drawbacks of possibly building one on your own in this episode.
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In this episode, I spoke with my colleague Christian Vermorken about Axon Framework. Christian walked me through the process of designing an application and what patterns and strategies you need to consider before deciding on which tools, libraries, and frameworks to use. We talked about how to start this process without a framework and building a DIY framework for your use case and how challenging that might be. We then focused on the benefits of using Axon Framework if you want to build an application using CQRS. Christian also shared with me his experience of learning about CQRS and DDD while using Axon Framework. We talked about why it is important to use this framework that by now has been around for over a decade with a strong team of developers that are continuously improving it and making it even better, and also the vast community behind it. Christian expressed how this community helped him when he first started using Axon Framework and was learning about these concepts and patterns six years ago. That community has only gotten larger and stronger by now.  And lastly, we talked about why many in DDD and CQRS communities are against using a framework. 

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