Exploring Axon
ABAC in Axon Applications
January 19, 2023
In this episode, we examined the usage and support of Attribute-Based Access Control in Axon-based applications.
In this portion of our conversation, Dominic talked about how ABAC can be used to secure Axon applications. He explained the spring boot integration, Axon's command side, and the query side. He talked about the annotation he introduced in his framework that integrates very nicely with the axon framework. He also talked about integration, how it can be deployed, and what kinds of support are offered for authoring policies. Dominic talked about this topic during our conference in September of last year in Amsterdam, and I will include the link to that talk and other helpful information in the notes.

Here is Dominic's presentation at our 2022 AxonIQ Conference in Amsterdam. 

Below are some resources to learn more about our topic of conversation and Dominic's research:

FTK Institute: https://www.ftk.de/
SAPL Website: https://sapl.io/
SAPL Playground: https://playground.sapl.io/
SAPL Demos (Including Axon Demo) on GitHub: https://github.com/heutelbeck/sapl-demos

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