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Season 7, Episode 3 – Monolith to Microservices with Axon – with Frederic Bouvet
December 8, 2023
In this episode, Sara interviews Frédéric Bouvet, a seasoned software engineer, focusing on his experience with CQRS, DDD, and event sourcing patterns within the Axon Framework and Axon Server. The conversation revolves around Frédéric’s journey migrating a monolith to microservices at SlimPay, a payment company in Paris. Frédéric shares insights into the benefits of CQRS, the challenges of introducing these patterns to a team, and the steps involved in the migration process, emphasizing knowledge sharing and code reviews. The episode provides practical insights into the implementation of these architectural choices, shedding light on both challenges and benefits in a real-world context.
Ready to tackle the journey from monolith to microservices? Get some pointers from the pros first!

In this episode, Sara is joined by Frédéric Bouvet, a software engineer with 12 years of experience. Frédéric has worked extensively with CQRS (Command Query Responsibility Segregation), DDD (Domain-Driven Design), and event sourcing patterns, particularly in the context of the Axon Framework and Axon Server. The two discuss Frédéric's journey in adopting these patterns, especially in the context of migrating a monolith to a secure microservices architecture at SlimPay, a payment company based in Paris.

Frédéric shares insights into his experience with CQRS, emphasizing its benefits for optimizing both reading and writing performance. He explains the challenges of introducing these patterns to a team that was accustomed to CRUD operations, highlighting the importance of knowledge sharing, pair programming, and code reviews in overcoming the learning curve.

The conversation delves into the process of migrating from a monolith to microservices, with Frédéric outlining steps such as isolating the domain, breaking external references, and implementing a switch mechanism for data synchronization. 

Frédéric also touches upon the challenges of evaluating costs but emphasizes the gains in maintainability and development efficiency. 

Overall, the episode provides valuable insights into the practical implementation of CQRS, DDD, and event sourcing in the context of microservices, offering a real-world perspective on the challenges and benefits of such architectural choices. Be sure to tune in!


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